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Our Mission

Secure & Reliable

Offer a secure, reliable low fee staking option

The Future

Contribute towards decentralisation of Cardano


Educate on Crypto security


Spread the word of Cardano


Commit to charitable donations

To try and make the world in some way better than you found it is to have a noble motive in life.

Andrew Carnegie

The Empire of Business

How Do You Explain The Mission Of Cardano?

How Do You Explain The Mission Of Cardano?

Why Choose Carnegie Stake Pool

Making a Difference

I will commit to donate a minimum 20% of my personal profit of the pool to charity each month.

Technical Competence

Best in the class technical expertise on how to run and maintain Cardano Stake Pools.


We have Enterprise-grade hardware to ensure 99.999% uptime.

Linux Management

Managed by an Linux system administrator with several years experience with Cardano.

How to delegate your stake to Carnegie?

Delegating in Daedalus: an introduction




We will pledge a minimum of 20% of our monthly
profit to worthy causes as soon as the pool establishes itself.
And will look to increase the pledge as the pool grows.




Cardano Ultimate Staking Guide











About Me

Welcome to Carnegie St₳ke Pool. I'm Ian, your stake pool operator. Our pool is a team effort with another friend. The pool profit is pretty much split 50/50. I'm committing 20% of my overall profit of the pool to charity, that's including pool margin, fixed cost and pledge. I have been a crypto & blockchain enthusiast for a number of years and invested in Cardano in 2018. I decided to set up the Carnegie stake pool in April 2021 to support the vision of being more in control of our lives including being our own banks. The global ethical values of Charles Hoskinson and Cardano support equitable access to economic growth, particularly in underdeveloped countries, through decentralisation of finance and governance. My goal is to increase awareness of the benefit this disruptive technology can bring to communities, and empower others to confidently invest. By giving back a proportion of my pool profit to charity I commit to building on this ethos of improving our communities.

Carnegie Stake Pool Fees

Carnegie is a consistent and reliable Stake Pool. Carnegie is committed to Cardano’s long term success and looks to maximize returns for ADA holders over the coming years. We have decided as an introductory offer we will charge 1% pool margin fee. Running a 1% fee is not sustainable for any pool. Long term every pool needs to generate profit to survive. We will be running Carnegie at a loss in the first few months to establish the pool.

* We promise to keep the pledge at a minimum of ₳30,000. We are committed to Cardano and are here to stay.

Get in Touch

Got a question or just want to find out a little more about our journey that does a little good and is financially rewarding...

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