Cardano Paper Wallet Backup

We created this simple paper wallet template in Excel. This allows for you to download, input and keep your Cardano wallet recovery phrase in a secure offline location.

  • Create your wallets ONLY on a trusted system (See below, Security measures)
  • Write your recovery phrase on a piece of PAPER and store it in a safe place
  • NEVER take a photo of your recovery phrase or store your recovery phrase digitally on your devices or in cloud-based services
  • NEVER share your recovery phrase with anyone. Not even with IOHK.
  • NEVER input your recovery phrase on a website
  • Make sure that NOBODY IS LOOKING at your screen when you use your recovery phrase to restore your wallet IF YOU LOSE YOUR RECOVERY PHRASE, create a new wallet and transfer your funds immediately. You should not be using a wallet for which you do not have the recovery phrase.

More information can be found here.

Download here: Cardano Paper Wallet Backup

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