How To Buy Cardano

If you are new to Cryptocurrencies. We would always recommend setting up an account with Binance. Its the largest Crypto Exchange in the world and very few exchanges can compete with their low transaction fees.

Buy Cardano the easy way using Binance Exchange

Sign up to Binance.
1. Go to “Buy Crypto” -> Then choose either Bank Deposits or Credit/Debit Card.
2. Once you have deposited the necessary funds.
3. Navigate to "Buy Crypto" then choose Cash Balance.
4. From here you choose how much of your native currency you want to use to buy Crypto. Then from the 2nd option you choose the type of Crypto you want to buy from the drop down menu. In this case we are buying Cardanos native currency which is called ADA.
5. Congratulations you have just purchased ADA. 🙂
6. Now navigate to "Wallets" then choose Fiat and Spot and you should see your wallet balance.

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